Soul Seekers
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Daire Santos is the last of the Soul Seekers, and the only thing standing between the Richters and the destruction of everyone she loves. With her grandmother gone and Cade back in Enchantment, Daire must finally step into her destiny and lead the fight against the Richters. But what if that means sacrificing the person she loves most?

Bound to the Richters by blood, Dace struggles against the darkness growing inside him that threatens to claim Daire, too. Though Daire refuses to give up on him, the choice may not be hers. An epic battle is on the horizon and the end of the world looms near. With such insurmountable odds stacked against them, is their love really enough to conquer all?

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Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

St. Martin's Griffin (November 19, 2013)
# ISBN-10: 0312577176
# ISBN-13: 978-0312577179


"Fans will revel in this truly terrific ending to the SOUL SEEKERS series." 4 Stars
   —RT Magazine

"I am definitely marking this series as an absolutely favorite one. . . Everything that unfolds in Horizon is what the entire series has been building up to. It will suck you in and not let you go until you see that last word...Alyson Noël delivers yet again a series that I can get lost in way after the reading is over... I can't recommend it enough...I just can't believe it's over!" 5 Stars
   —Shayna Varadeaux

"Plenty of action and heartbreak ...I actually really really like the ending...I think it was absolutely perfect and fitting...It's a well done and solid final installment in my opinion and if you are fan of the series I think you will definitely be happy with it."
   —Library of a Book Witch

"I am a huge fan of Alyson Noël and when I saw the chance to read Horizon I jumped on it. This is the 4th book in the series, and Alyson did not disappoint me one bit. Fun, intriguing, twists and turns, love, and pain. Alyson Noël has a way of transforming her characters, that they pulled me in without even realizing what was happening, and soon I was so caught up, that I hardly realized 2 hours had past. Books like this that can keep my intrigue and keep my mind reeling are reasons why I am a fan of this writer...Overall I feel that the author did a great job in building the story and the characters. I loved the plot line, and the uniqueness of it all. There is mystery and suspense that had me captivated for hours. I do recommend this series!" 4 Stars
   —Book Boyfriend Reviews

"...if you have never read the previous books, than this one will get you caught up in what happened in the first three books...The main thing that I do like with this book and the other two books in this series is that the point of view switches between characters. I like learning what Dace and Lita and the others are thinking but I also like how Daire is finally starting to become prepared for whatever is about to happen." 4.5 Stars
   —Panda Book Lover

"This final book to the Soul Seekers series will leave you gasping for breath. It is dark and edgy and has more lessons than anyone ever realized. Books can teach you so many things and this series teaches you to live with your heart and to always see what is true not what you want to see. This is the book you want to read if you want a story about the last fight for love." 5 Stars
   —Crossroad Reviews